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Jan 30, 2015

Check back often, this blog is updated daily with Calgary and real estate news and information...more...

Changes needed to remain competitive

Jan 22, 2015

It’s a “pivotal time” in Alberta, Municipal Affairs Minister Diana McQueen told a group of builders and developers yesterday at a joint reception by CHBA - Calgary Region and UDI – Calgary. “But we will continue to build strong, sustainable communities even in the face of challenges...more...

Buckle up for the interesting ride

Jan 19, 2015

So who do you believe? The news outlets are full of stories about the impacts of the low – and falling – oil prices the last few months.
As often as you see a story saying we are in for a very rough ride, an opposing story from some other so-called expert source says there will be little impact. One story announces a ‘think-tank’ source saying Alberta is headed for a recession, then there’s the next story with a well-known economist saying there is no cause for concern – it’s a “normal pattern” for Calgary and we shouldn’t worry too much....more...

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