Calgary builders come home with big prizes

Sep 20, 2014

CHBA – Calgary Region is proud of our members, who captured not only two of three top honours at the annual CHBA – Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing, but 10 other awards and one for our region (Airdrie)...more...


Be BOLD and win the sale

Sep 17, 2014

Getting ahead means being fearless, confident and courageous, moving in a direction that others might be too timid to try. Those who do are the leaders that get results, says Jeff Shore, principal of Shore Consulting.

Members have two chances to hear the sought-after sales expert from the U.S. – at our next dinner meeting, or at our comprehensive SALES RALLY..more...

Exposure to crystalline silica a risk to workers

Sep 9, 2014

Safety is a top priority at CHBA – Calgary Region, and it is important that our members stay up-to-date on all changes, big and small, to ensure their safety on worksites.

One way to do that is to ensure you are protected from materials or chemicals that can harm you – and the residential construction worksites have many. September’s Builder Breakfast is focused on one of the most common – exposure to crystalline silica...more...

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