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Assistance for flood damage needed

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Updated August 19, 2013

In our efforts to coordinate relief efforts within the residential construction industry, please contact us directly if you have services, equipment, personnel, or other ways to help with the relief efforts.

Meanwhile, if you know of any Calgary residents who are in need of specific, urgent help that would involve residential construction e-mail details to; we will post their names below with contact information.

Below is a list of Calgary residents who are in need of assistance as well as any other information regarding specific needs by the City. If you are able to provide your services please contact the individual directly. Click here for a list of affected communities and muster points. Check back regularly for updates and additional requests for aid.

If you have been affected by the flooding click here for resources.

Requests for Aid

Donation of Construction Material (August 19, 12:10 p.m.)

8 sheets of 4 x 8 construction board and 12 metal roof joins available. If you have a use for these materials and can pick them up please e-mail

Volunteers Still Needed in High River (August 8, 2:05 p.m.)

Samaritan’s Purse, which previously signed up 4,000 volunteers who have cleaned out more than 500 flood-damaged homes so far, is asking for 300 additional volunteers between now and Aug. 10. Click here for more information.

Samaritans Purse In Need of Corporate Sponsors and Trades People (August 1, 10:34 a.m.)

The Samaritans Purse is now moving into a multimillion dollar Rebuild Phase aiding those affected by the Alberta Floods. They are looking for corporate partners to help fund this initiative and are in need of skilled trades people and groups.

If you would like to help contact Shannon Parrott at 403-250-6565 or e-mail


Volunteering in High River - What You Need to Know (July 18, 8:42 am)

Volunteers are now welcome to come to High River to help with the clean-up. If volunteers need more information they can call 403-923-9445 or 1-866-628-6565. All volunteers are asked to carpool to reduce congestion on High River roads.

The safety and well-being of children and youth is a priority. Therefore, volunteers must be 18-years and older. However, in cases where High River residents recruit friends and family members to help with the clean-up, older children can participate as long as they are being supervised by their parents.

All volunteers are asked to check in at the Welcome Centre at the High River Agricultural Society Rodeo Grounds, 64137 Highway 543 upon arrival, where volunteer efforts are being coordinated. Volunteers should bring their own cleaning supplies and protective gear, including:

  • Rubber boots, face masks and gloves
  • Tools such as shovels, garbage bags, and buckets.

Sending Donations to High River - What You Need to Know (July 18, 8:40am)

Albertans have been reaching out to help High River residents by donating food. These kind individuals are asked to contact the Red Cross or the Good Samaritans.

The Welcome Centre continues to have a need for rubber boots, shovels, disposable coveralls, rubber gloves, second-hand tools, mosquito repellent and dollies to move furniture, appliances and other heavy items. Donations can be made at the Welcome Centre.

Albertans are asked not to bring any household goods or furniture as donations for High River residents. There is no donation drop-off location in High River and there are no resources to accept and process these types of donations. Any vehicle transporting these types of donations that cannot confirm a specific residence for their delivery will be turned away.

Those who wish to support people impacted by the Southern Alberta Floods may want to consider making a financial donation to a registered charity which is involved in the recovery efforts.

Stepper Homes Southern Alberta Flood Relief Food and Supply Drive (July 11, 12:06 pm)

Stepper Homes is accepting donations in the form of supplies - food, clothing, work gear. They will be doing pick-ups throughout the day on Thursday, July 25. Click here for a list of items that are urgently needed. Contact Georgina Nicholls at or Emily Jocsak at to donate today!

General Call to Permit Issuers (July 4, 8:39 am)

In response to the flooding, the Safety Codes Council has been supporting efforts to assess and now to remedy damages. Teams of safety codes officers are completing the assessment of damage which means the rebuild is launching. To this initiative, Permit Issuers are needed to assist with the expected influx of permit applications.

This is a general call to Permit Issuers who are able and willing to spend the next couple of weeks helping to process permit applications.

Should you be in a position to help, please respond to the Safety Codes Council with which category (stand-by/weekend) and your dates of availability.

We will coordinate responses to the emergency management team. From there, they will contact those they need and provide logistical information.

Samaritan’s Purse Asking for Donations to Help With Flood Relief (July 3, 8:30 a.m.)

Donations will help to keep Disaster Relief Units on site and operational for as long as families and their homes are in need. These funds will not only support the work in Calgary, but also our anticipated deployment to High River and other affected regions of Southern Alberta. Click here for more information. Call 1.800.663.6500 ext 8546 or email if you have any questions.


The Calgary Food Bank in Need of Donations (July 2, 2013)

The recent flooding has put a strain on the Calgary Food Bank and they are asking for assistance. Click here for a list of needed items and ways you can help.

YWCA Requires Assistance. (June 27, 9:50 a.m.)

Since the flooding the YWCA has been forced to temporarily shut the doors to many programs. They are asking for help with monetary donations to ensure they can open their doors again quickly. Donate here.


Help Needed in Blackie (June 27, 9:34 a.m.)

Angela Woodley is operating out of Blackie where many High Riverites have sought shelter.
The Hutterite community has been helping them out so far. Crews, food and any other appropriate supplies are needed.
Contact Angela Woodley: 403.371.8684

The Siksika, Morley and Stoney Nakoda Reserves in Urgen Need (June 26, 2:18 p.m.)

The Siksika, Morley and Stoney Nakoda reserves have issued an urgent need for volunteers and drivers, to help unload and sort donations. They also need dollies, carts and a forklift as well as food, water and cleaning supplies.
Contact Yvonne Cita at 403-836-3166

Dumpsters and Garbage Bins Desperately Needed in Affected Communities (June 26, 1:14 p.m.)

If you are able to supply dumpsters or garbage bins, please contact (pls provide details on specifically how many bins you are able to provide, along with contact details).


Cornerstone Homes Requires Aid in High River (June 25, 11:38 a.m.)

Cornerstone Homes has been hit quite hard in the High River area. Eight projects in High River have been impacted severely, including a show home which has had water higher than the overhead garage door; as well as a customer house that was to be turned over in just a few weeks. They also have four foundations that were in the cribbing stage that may have been affected structurally. They are preparing to go back into the community to assess the damage, any assistance is truly appreciated. Contact Sharon Dallaire at if you can help or call 403.862.0658.


Offers to Help

 New Business Recovery Task Force Collaborates to Support Flood Affected Business in the Calgary Region (July 12, 8:27am)

Today Calgary introduces the Calgary Business Recovery Task Force, an initiative led by the Calgary Chamber and Calgary Economic Development, that aims to get businesses up and running as quickly as possible, encourages community members to support their local economy and ensures the world knows that the city is open for business after June's devastating floods.

The task force has two specific objectives. First, to ensure that businesses are cleaned up and repaired as quickly as possible, and to help business owners prepare to re-open. The second objective is to ensure business and investment is coming back to the flood affected areas, which will be done through a comprehensive local, national and international marketing and communications campaign. Click here for more information.

Westridge Cabinets Ltd. Pledges $100,000 in Cabinetry to Aid Uninsured Flood Victims (July 12, 8:08 am)

In an effort to aid families hardest hit by the recent flood disaster in Southern Alberta, Westridge Cabinets of Red Deer, Alberta is pledging to supply $100,000 in cabinetry and services to support what could be as many as 10-20 families who find themselves without insurance in the aftermath of the flooding.

Over the next weeks and months, Westridge will be considering submissions through a network of established renovation and restoration companies, new home builders, e-mail submissions ( as well as social media such as twitter (@YourNextKitchen) and Facebook. Click here for the full press release from Westridge Cabinets Ltd.


List of HVAC Contractors Available (July 3, 11:06 a.m.)

SMCAA has list of registered HVAC Contractors available contact 4032507040 or email


One Bedroom With Bathroom Available (June 25 7:33 a.m.)

One bedroom with bathroom basement development for flood victim use located in Thorncliff Northwest. Can sleep as many as four in the same family. Furnished with all necessities similar to a hotel suite. Landry facilities included. Cost of rent will be $1 per month. Contact David Litwiller at 403.969.7579.

InfinIT Inc. Calgary Flood IT and Computer Support for Businesses: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (June 24, 12:45 p.m.)

There are thousands of businesses in Calgary who will have suffered significant data loss, hardware destruction, and business operation disruption. At this time we are reaching out to our community to offer our support.

If you know of any business owner affected by this outage without IT support or who’s IT support team is unable to respond, we are available to support those business owners in creating and acting upon a disaster recovery plan. We will help them structure these plans FREE OF CHARGE.

Furthermore, we are leveraging our partnerships with Fortinet, HP, VMware, and others to get hardware and infrastructure replaced as quickly as we can. If you know of anyone who needs equipment replaced under an insurance claim, we can assist them in itemizing their assets, determining a replacement value, and submitting those claims to their insurance provider.

Finally, we know that the emotional impact of this disaster will have a significant impact on your productivity and efficiency. By applying The Demartini Method, we can assist individuals, families, or entire organizations to find the benefits and discover gratitude for this apparent catastrophe and help you get back on your feet as quickly as you can.

If we can be of any service or assistance, please send an email to or contact our office at 403-453-1670.


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