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Builder/Realtor Program

If you are a Builder member of BILD Calgary Region and wish to become a member of the Builder/REALTOR® Program, please click here to download the participation agreement form and fax or email to the BILD Calgary Region office.

Guiding Principles

The Calgary Real Estate Board and BILD Calgary Region agree that:

  1. Cooperation between REALTORS® and Builders on sales of new product is advantageous for both industries and the common clients they serve.
  2. All transactions must be conducted in an ethical and business manner, and both parties must disclose all information relevant to the sale.
  3. All parties should disclose the nature of any agency relationship that exists with respect to a transaction.
  4. Any dispute between a CREB® member and a BILD Calgary Region member will be referred to the Mediation/Arbitration Panel as outlined in the Code of Conduct document.
  5. Participating BILD Calgary Region and all CREB® members shall respond to correspondence from the Calgary Real Estate Board in writing within ten days.  Failure to do so can result in the discontinuance of Board services to the CREB® member and possible termination of membership for the BILD Calgary Region member.
  6. Any BILD Calgary Region participating member who fails to comply with the decision of the Mediation/Arbitration Panel within 30 days may have their membership terminated by the Joint Partnership Committee.
  7. Any CREB® member who fails to comply with the decision of the Mediation/Arbitration Panel within 30 days may have their membership terminated by the Board of Directors.


The Calgary Real Estate Board and the BILD Calgary Region recognize the following guidelines as being appropriate for new product sales:

Entitlement to Commission

In order to be entitled to a selling commission from a Builder, a REALTOR® must:

  1. Accompany the potential purchaser on their first visit to the show home and register in writing with the Builder or a representative and confirm the terms of cooperation.
  2. If requested, assist in any aspects of completing the sale.

NOTE:  Properties that are listed exclusively, or on the MLS®, requires interpretation of CREB®’s rules relating to commission disputes.

The Builder or a representative should specify in writing the terms of commission, if any, paid by way of fee-for-service, percentage of sale price, referral fees (if applicable), or other methods.

Communication, Education and Promotion

In order to minimize disputes between the two industries and to avoid confusion on the part of the purchaser, BILD Calgary Region members should have a method of communicating their willingness to work with REALTORS® and their potential purchasers, through items such as signage and other advertising.

As part of the process of educating both industries, CREB® and BILD Calgary Region agree that both associations will periodically publish in their newsletters these principles and guidelines.  Further, they will inform the industries of generic case studies involving BUILDER/REALTOR® disputes that would be of interest to both industries.

Both associations agree that they will move to integrate these Principles and Guidelines into their respective education and training programs and will continue to work on developing processes that will facilitate cooperation between both industries.

Builder Realtor Program Code of Conduct
Builder Realtor Participation Agreement Form
Builder Realtor Roles & Responsibilities


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